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Water Source Considerations: Fundamental to every re-opening strategy

During the unprecedented period of lockdown there is a high likelihood that water will not have been flowing as freely as it once was in any premises.

Kitchen sinks and taps and bathrooms will not have been used at the rate that they were and heating may well have been turned off also.  

As part of any businesses reopening strategy, thought needs to be given to the water system. Are there areas of stagnating water that’s requires risk assessing and flushing or disinfecting? Are any drain enzyme drips from kitchen outlets that may have been turned off and now need to be turned back on or run through prior to opening?

If premises have a stagnating ambient water supply (because there has been limited or no use of the water so it has sat in pipework, not being used), and there are outlets that are capable of aerosol spray (showers, shower taps) then there is a risk of legionellosis.

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Published: 19th May 2020