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Time is ticking….is your business really ready to re-open?

Let’s face it, this time last year none of us knew that COVID restrictions would have lasted this long.

With many businesses having spent more time closed than open in the last year its almost time to throw the doors open, and hopefully this time for good! However, with all of the excitement of reopening and the pressure of implementing COVID safe practices it can be easy to forget everything else that we had previously worked so hard for, so here are a few tips… 

Health and safety - First and foremost, ensure you have conducted a COVID-19 risk assessment, it will help you manage risk and protect your staff and guests. “Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air” principles should be second nature by now and should be implemented at all times. Staff must be fit for work and not suffering from, or potentially carrying COVID-19, It is essential that all staff understand your fitness to work policy and that if they display symptoms or live with someone displaying symptoms, they must follow government guidance and stay at home for a minimum of 10 days.

Food safety -  Fortunately it is very unlikely that COVID-19 is transmitted through food or food packaging, meaning that the main risk posed in the kitchen is person to person spread. Continuing to follow normal good hygiene practices and HACCP processes should keep the food you serve safe to eat. Make sure your HACCP plans are up to date as its likely that menus or processes have changed and don’t forget to update your allergen management system, especially if you have switched suppliers.

Fire safety – It has been a while…. Is your risk assessment up to date? Check your fire panel, ensure there are no faults, and everything is working normally. Conduct a fire drill, not only to check the system is working but to refresh the memory of your fire marshals - they may have been off for over a year and could have easily forgotten what to do. Check your firefighting equipment is in place and in date, has it missed any necessary servicing whilst the premises have been closed?

From all of us at EHA Ltd. We wish you good luck and a happy yet safe re-opening!

Published: 20th May 2021