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Licensing Consultancy & Advice Services

Our team consists of highly qualified Environmental Health Officers & who have a detailed understanding of the challenges of running licensable premises.

EHA have a wealth of knowledge in licensing applications, hearings and reviews and their experience assists clients with favourable outcomes.

If you would like EHA to assist you and be on hand to give meaningful sensible advice and support, contact us now!

Licensing Management Systems

Licensing Management Systems EHAEHA produce Licensing policies that are easy to understand and implement.

They take into account all mandatory and special conditions so that the business can be sure that any obligations are fully and consistently achieved.

This will not only give you, but also your insurers, inspecting officers and any other stakeholders, confidence that you are operating within the scope of your licence at all times.

Licensing Audit & Trading Standards Inspection Support

EHA recognise that auditing is an integral part of ensuring that the ‘system’ works! Auditing forms a fundamental part of the Management System review and is conducted at least every quarter. More frequent audits enables employees to become well versed in audit skills, such as how to manage inspections, recognised routes to follow to succeed and how to manage those niggly emerging issues that only ever happen on the day of an inspection! Our trained experts are able to identify emerging issues and areas of non-compliance  and offer practical solutions that will permanently resolve these.  Our consultative and engaging approach to audits help staff hone their skills in this vital part of managing a premises. After all, practice makes perfect!

Licensing Training Service

Licensing Training Service EHAEHA provide bespoke licensing training based on any specific conditions within your licence.

This is not a Personal Licensee course, but more of a ‘get to know your specific property licence’ course, which, whilst not legally required, means that you can be confident that your staff fully understand any and all conditions and ensure that your licence remains protected from risk during your business operation.


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