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Food Safety Consultancy & Advice Services

Our team consists of highly qualified Environmental Health Officers, Port Health Officers and microbiologists.

With such a breadth and depth of knowledge we are fully equipped to provide bespoke food safety advice and consultancy services to businesses that want to have, not only a robust due diligence system in place, but also a high class food safety culture within the team.

Our approach is pro-active and engaged from the outset. We strongly believe that building unique systems for each and every business is of fundamental importance and we pride ourselves on our longstanding and long-lasting relationships. Achieving best practices standards will be easy and sustainable!

If you would like EHA to assist you and be on hand to give meaningful, sensible advice and support, contact us now.

Food Safety Management Systems

EHA can review your food production processes and create bespoke, easy to manage, HACCP systems where you can be assured that the necessary due diligence is in place at all times. Our systems are designed to establish easy to follow flow charts, investigation of all potential hazards (microbiological, physical, chemical and allergenic), identification of any high risk foods and processes and appropriate controls  to ensure and record that the highest possible standards are being achieved. This will give you, inspecting Environmental Health Officers ,and customers a great deal of confidence in the safety of your business.

Food Audit & EHO Inspection Support Service

EHA Food AuditEHA recognise that auditing is an integral part of ensuring that the ‘system’ works! Auditing forms a fundamental part of the Management System review and is conducted at least every quarter. More frequent audits enables employees to become well versed in audit skills, such as how to manage inspections, recognised routes to follow in order to succeed and how to manage those tricky emerging issues that only ever happen on the day of an inspection. Audit reports provide helpful recommendations to improve results, benchmarking and trend analysis so that improvement can be tracked. Our consultative and engaging approach to audits help staff hone their skills in this vital part of managing a food service premises. After all, practice makes perfect!

Food Hygiene & Safety and Allergen Training Service

EHA provide tailor made food hygiene and safety training for your staff. Training not only covers all legislative requirements but also information and instruction that is specific to your business food offering and or layout. Because it is unique to the business, in depth, long lasting knowledge is retained by participants, making it more effective and efficient for the individuals and for your business long term. Training is provided in various mediums to suit your needs and business model: Classroom based sessions, online training, on-one-one interviews and audit style forums all allow the business and individuals to find the training medium that they find most effective

Food Poisoning Allegations & Microbiological Analysis

EHA Food SafetyEHA deal with all cases of alleged food poisoning from the moment of notification. This provides our clients and the guest with reassurance that the matter is being dealt with by qualified professionals from an impartial entity. We contact the complainant and request key information whilst also carrying out a reactive audit of the establishment, looking at all aspects of the food safety management system from food suppliers, delivery, storage, preparation, cooking and service methods, reviewing all due diligence records and obtaining samples of any available food, swabs of surfaces and food handlers, alongside interviewing staff all help to complete an accurate picture of the events that led to the food poisoning allegation. The investigation is then concluded in writing and all parties informed.

Supplier Auditing Service

EHA audit food suppliers for you so that you can be assured that your suppliers have fully implemented and embedded HACCP and management systems without carrying out any of the time consuming documentation reviews or site audits yourself. Suppliers are audited to SALSA and BRC standard to ensure the best quality produce will be brought to your doorstep!

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