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Fire Safety Consultancy & Advice Services

Our team consists of highly qualified Environmental Health Officers & ex-serving Fire Officers who have a wide range of experience and knowledge to be able to provide sound advice in all aspects of fire safety management and emergency planning and preparedness.

Our competent advisors can draft comprehensive, legally compliant fire risk assessments and identify any sources of potential hazards within and to a business. These, along with various types of controls (engineered and administrative) are all documented in a Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Safety Policy that is easy to understand and implement.

Our approach is pro-active and engaged from the outset, we find practical and achievable solutions, ensuring that the business and all its occupants are protected from risk of harm. If you would like EHA to assist you and be on hand to give meaningful sensible advice and support, contact us now!

Fire Safety Management Systems

Fire Safety Management Systems EHAEHA recognises the fundamental importance of a robust fire safety management system within a business that is both comprehensive, but easy to understand and implement. Following an in-depth review and production of a documented risk assessment, a fire safety management policy and emergency plan are written in plain English and so that not only can they be understood, but they can also be thoroughly embedded into the day to day operations. Where risks are identified user friendly monitoring records are produced so that the staff can easily and systematically record their due diligence checks. This will not only give you, but also your insurers, inspecting fire officers and any other stakeholders, confidence that the safety of your business is maintained at all times.

Fire Safety Audit & Fire Service Inspection Support

Fire Safety Audit EHAEHA recognise that auditing is an integral part of ensuring that the ‘system’ works! Auditing forms a fundamental part of the Management System review and is conducted at least every quarter. More frequent audits enable employees to become well versed in audit skills, such as how to manage inspections, recognised routes to follow to succeed and how to manage those tricky emerging issues that only ever happen on the day of an inspection. Our trained experts are able to identify emerging issues and areas of non-compliance  and we offer practical solutions that will permanently resolve these.  Our consultative and engaging approach to audits help staff hone their skills in this vital part of managing a premises. After all, practice makes perfect!

Fire Safety & Marshal Training Service

Fire Safety & Marshalling Training EHAEHA provide bespoke fire safety training to all staff and fire marshal training to key members of staff. Training not only covers all legislative requirements but also information and instructions that are specific to your site.

This ensures that staff know how to keep the premises safe at all times, but also how to react quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency, therefore ensuring the best possible outcome for themselves, colleagues, guests and the business alike.


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